A Career in Film/TV FX Modelmaking?


For many people with an interest in Film & TV FX Modelmaking making a move and breaking into the industry can be a major challenge.

The industry is a busy one and the various companies involved are not interested in employing enthusiastic amateurs. It is essential to learn and develop professional modelmaking skills with which to demonstrate your abilities to a prospective employer.

When Simon began in the industry in the mid 1970's he was fortunate to have been offered an apprentice position within a company from which to start his career. Unfortunately such positions no longer exist.

However - the good news is that, thanks to Scotland's biggest and newest college, students are now able to begin the journey toward a career in the industry.

The CITY OF GLASGOW college is unique in being able to offer a modelmaking course tailored to students wishing to become involved in the exciting world of TV & Film Modelmaking and SIMON ATKINSON is one of the key Industry specialists involved in the courses.  

Click here for more information - don't delay. Places are limited and applications for courses beginning in August 2012 are already being received.