Faulkner County Internet Provider Reaching Rural Areas

A Faulkner County Internet Service Provider (ISP) is trying to bring high-speed internet to rural areas.

The Computer Works, out of Conway, has recently introduced fiber broadband internet to the city of Vilonia.

Fiber broadband is the fastest method of delivering high-speed internet to residences and businesses. Much like its counterparts, DSL, cable and fixed wireless, fiber broadband is a bridge between mainstream internet and customer residences.

However, instead of using phone lines to transmit vibrations through copper, fiber broadband transmits using light over specialized cables packed with glass fibers.

Fiber to the home, or FTTH as it is commonly referred to, is the gold standard of residential internet connections.

The company has been working for months trying to get residents of Vilonia fiber ready.

As of Wednesday, only certain neighborhoods near Quail Hollow, Main Street, South Church, and Barnard have been installed, but the company hopes to have the biggest part of the city installed by the end of the year.

The Computer Works Marketing Director Jackson Wilson said he believes fiber broadband to be an under-served market in Arkansas and the company wants to focus on the rural areas that the “big guys have neglected.”

Vilonia Mayor James Firestone said the city was very happy to see the installation.

“A lot of our people work from home and so many things are computer oriented,” he said. “High-speed internet is priceless.”

Vilonia resident Richard Smith told the Log Cabin Democrat he was, “fed up” with the constant interruptions in service with his former internet provider. After hearing about the new fiber service available in Vilonia, he had it installed.

“I have no regrets about switching at all. I bought the 25Mbps speed, and it is very consistent,” he said.

Mayor Firestone hopes the new fiber broadband will bring more traffic through Vilonia.

“Internet like this just makes a place desirable,” he said.

Wilson added: “We want to get the word out because it is an awesome service that is also affordable. Our hope is to keep expanding our service throughout all of Arkansas. We want everyone to have access to fiber optics.”

Though no specifics had been released by press time Wednesday, The Computer Works plans to expand fiber broadband coverage into other rural cities across the state in the future.

For more information, visit tcworks.com

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