Kellyanne Conway: ‘Nobody here talks about’ Clinton

Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway said Wednesday that "nobody" in the Trump administration talks about Hillary Clinton, denying that the White House has sought to rehash the 2016 election.

"We don’t care about her. Nobody here talks about her," Conway told CNN’s Chris Cuomo. "Hey, Chris, nobody here talks about Hillary Clinton, I promise you."

When Cuomo suggested that the White House was "frozen" in the moment of President Trump’s electoral victory over Clinton, Conway said that "that’s just not true."

Trump himself frequently mentions his 2016 win and Clinton, including earlier on Wednesday, when he decried the fact that the former Democratic presidential candidate had submitted to an FBI interview about her use of a private email server while secretary of state with certain conditions.

He also reiterated his claim that the ongoing investigations into possible collusion between his campaign and Russia were based on false claims made up by Democrats as an excuse for Clinton’s loss in the election.

"It’s a Democrat hoax that was brought up as an excuse for losing an election that frankly the Democrats should have won because they have such a tremendous advantage in the electoral college," Trump said.

He has also suggested repeatedly sought to turn the tables on allegations that his campaign colluded with Russia to sway the 2016 election by saying that it was Clinton who acted improperly, and that the Justice Department should take a fresh look at her alleged misdeeds.

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