Lawn Ornament Thefts in Conway

CONWAY, Ark.- It seems yard ornaments have been the new hot ticket item for thieves in Conway.

From garden gnomes to hog statues, they’re coming up missing.

” I guess these are easy to get to,” says Lauren Troillet, a victim of the recent theft.

She was not happy to discover her metal razorback decoration was stolen from right in front of her house. “It’s very aggravating,” says Troillet. “This is my personal space.”

Also in her personal space is a surveillance camera which captured video of the thief walking into her yard, pick up the statue and run off.

“We started figuring out things were being taken because we had footage of it,” says Ryan Barnes, who lives across the street from Troillet.

“I’ve kind of been waiting for some of my stuff to be stolen,” says Barnes.

Several neighbors have started to bring their decorations inside at night to make sure they don’t get snatched.

Troillet has a message for the thief. “We are watching.”

Conway police say this has been a problem since the beginning of the year. They do have a suspect, but haven’t made any arrests.

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