The Pros and Cons of Living in Conway, Ar

It is probably sad, but the only city I have ever really heard of in Arkansas is Little Rock, and that was due to a special that aired on HBO. Since I am from a major city on the East Coast, I don’t think too much about that area of the country. My boyfriend recently decided to move back to his hometown of Conway, AR after finishing school here and I am thinking about going with him.

I have always lived in the city, but since Conway only has a little more than sixty thousand people, I would have to get used to living in a smaller place. I think of this as a pro since it means I will not feel like a cog in a machine. The place I live in now has so many people that it is easy to be indifferent to all those walking by. This new city will give me the chance to forge relationships with others; something I welcome.

I am from a diverse place where I can find all kinds of food around me. This is important to me since I am a foodie and I relish the thought of tasting all kinds of cuisines on a regular basis. I am not so sure that Conway has Cambodian, Caribbean and Vietnamese food in abundance, and these are some of my favorites.

The place I live now is pretty violent and I worry about trying to raise a family here. If I move to Arkansas, the crime rate will likely be lower. This means that I will not have to be in panic mode every time my future children want to leave the house.

There are some good and bad points of moving to Conway. From where I stand, I feel like the pros definitely outweigh the cons.